Where to keep your will? In the loft, under the bed, along with all your other paperwork? Or maybe in a safety deposit box at the bank? 

If you keep your will in your home, either hidden away or somewhere fairly accessible, there is always a chance it can be destroyed. Fires and floods do happen, as do burglaries, and although of no value to the burglar, if a will is not found, it might as well not have existed in the first place.

If anyone destroys your original will, it becomes invalid.

How will your friends and family know where to look when it's been 5, 10, 15 years since you wrote your will? It may have gotten lost through house moves.

How about a safety deposit box at the bank? On death, no one will be able to gain access without being granted probate. Probate can only be granted once your original will is found. 

Prepare Wills can organise storage, that

  • is safe, dry and secure
  • is professionally managed
  • will confirm where it is stored and how to retrieve your documents
  • will provide your executors with storage certificates and leaflets for further information
  • automatically registers your will with the National Will Register - so it can be found!