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What happens if you can’t work because you’re too ill?

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Who pays your bills if you are unable to run your business?

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What if you cannot work because you’re looking after a seriously ill child?

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How will you pay your rent if you cannot work after an accident?

How will your family cope if you die suddenly?

The insurance market can be confusing with different products and services. Myths that insurance providers never pay out still prevail. Often there is little or no guidance on trusts so clients are left wondering if they need one and if so how to go about this. This results in inaction which can have big impacts upon a claim.

I offer a free consultation service and tailored advice taking into account your situation and goals. If a trust is needed I explain the options and ensure that the trust documents are filled in correctly, signed and witnessed and sent to the insurer.

The products below can help keep you keep afloat during some of the worst events life can throw at you.

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Income Protection

If you insure your car, your bike, your phone or your pet then you really ought to think about insuring the money that hits your bank account at the end of each month! An income protection policy can literally be peace of mind available to buy! It provides regular income if you become ill or are in an accident.

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Critical Illness Cover

People who take one of these policies out claim, on average, within 9 years. A couple, where both are 35 years old and non smoking, have a 23% probability of one of them falling seriously ill. These policies will pay a lump sum. You could pay all or some of your debts with this. Or your partner could stay home to care for you or you could seek alternative treatments with the payout.

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Life Cover

Life insurance can pay a lump sum on your death to make sure your family is looked after. It can be used to pay off debts, such as a mortgage or potential inheritance tax or to provide a lump sum for your children so financial worries are taken away at one of the worst times of their lives. This can make such a huge difference in how your family can weather the storm!