Funeral Plans are a great way to lay to rest any concerns or questions or family may have. You can outline what kind of funeral you would like. There is no guessing and fretting on behalf of your family at a time when they are grieving. 

Why take out a funeral plan in addition to life insurance? 

There is no medical assessment for a funeral plan. Anyone can get one. You can even arrange one for your spouse. Similarly, there is no age restriction to getting a funeral plan. 

Why not put away some savings for your own funeral?

A funeral plan guarantees to pay for your funeral and when your purchase it, you pay what it would cost on the day. Can you be sure you're savings will be sufficient by the time they are needed, especially with current interest rates? 

Above all, you can set out  the details of how the funeral should be conducted. For example, you can plan to rest in the countryside, instead of an urban cemetery, or plant a tree of life.